Can You Plan Your Evolution?

Paul Tillich said, ‘Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone.’ First is an example of existence in the material world and second is an example of existence in the spiritual world.

We humans are the only species who can learn to live with DUALITY – Material and Spiritual. Likewise I have intense interest in multitude of subjects in either of these two worlds and I disagree to ignore anything in either. Interest (however intense) in a subject perhaps is not synonymous with bondage. I would only prefer not to surrender my control to any in the material world unless with conscious consent and complete knowledge and understanding in an appropriate manner.

Sometimes we tend to confuse bondage with interest (inclusive of attraction). But it is not so in reality. As long we enjoy the object of senses and object of senses do not enjoy us (meaning that we are so strongly bonded with an object or an habit, we cannot abandon it).

The one, who strikes a balance with conscious awareness of the truth, is evolving. Ones those are less conscious to truth, reality or real good tend to be more attached or strongly attached or bonded with material things, beings or habits and are devolving. It is evidently proven that it is most healthy to be an EVOLVING individual which is growth in positive direction.

To plan an appropriate evolution, one must be consciously aware of everything that inspires, grows and evolves or can even indirectly assist in any or all of these directions. And yes, human beings are the ONLY ONES who are empowered genetically to plan their evolution with introspection, contemplation, alertness and active conscious efforts.

Even when obstacles, challenges, objections, judgments and delays tend to hurt you and you desire and deserve to be sad, be happily sad.

Because the outer layer of happiness is the light which will attract welcome change of positive incidents, prosperity, and angelic people in the very next cycle of your current life. Never risk to keep the path to your inner self hidden, completely dark, opaque, inaccessible or invisible at any cost and circumstances. This is the BIGGEST mistake we all tend to do most of the times and especially when we experience no welcome change for a while without realizing that we might have unconsciously or unknowingly closed the ways (maybe inadvertently) ourselves. So allow this feeling of the kindled light of positive hope instead of just expectations.

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