Identify how Stress is not an in-built Part of Your Life

Stress is one aspect of life that is making too many lives bitter. Stress is like friction in a machine. Stress is not a part of your life. If you know how to manage your body, your mind, your emotions, your energy – there is no question of stress. Most people think it is their job, it is their family, it is their life situations, it is the taxes, it is the unpaid bills which are stress.  Stress is essentially your inability to manage your own system, that is, there is not enough lubrication in the system to function in smooth and easy way. Life situations are always there for everyone. But each person manages it differently depending upon how smoothly his or her system functions within itself. If you know how to manage this human system (self), this human mechanism, then there is no question of stress.

If you think that the work that you are doing is important, the first thing is, you have to work upon yourself. If you have intentions, wanting to extend the scope of your life, first thing that you have to do is work upon yourself. Because how successful you are in the world essentially depends how friction free this (self) mechanism is. You can bring your system to a frictionless state of function with simple practices. To be successful in the world two fundamental qualities are that you must be able to harness the prowess of your mind and your body.

Essentially it requires to be understood that when we are dis-satisfied or unhappy, in essence we are barely surviving. But the goal of human living is LIVING and not surviving alone which is then at a minimal level of human living. And to add to this, living becomes true and harmonious living only when the living is in a state of awareness which can be termed a (fully) conscious living such that we are fully empowered to take appropriate and essential steps on ourselves, our thought creations and our relationships. When we take the appropriate steps on ourselves, appropriate thoughts are created within our mind, our relationships strengthen and improve, and we are empowered to enjoy a more sustainable joyous life as we attain a harmony between our mind, body & intellect combination – the foundational driving engine of each and every human existence.

After careful searches & observations over last 26 years in conducting myself in several facades of life, I have experientially found the single most cause for human inconvenience, dis-ease, worries, tensions, grief, depression, sadness and stressful living.

It is discovered by most joyful, happy and successful people all over the globe and through the time in human civilization. It is also expressed by sages, authors, speakers, trainers, coaches and leaders devoted to self development initiatives through ages.

It is the knowledge and awareness of this secret truth, ways to invite the antidote into our habits and building the willpower & motivation to act on it that can together only revive the human life into a much desired joy ride.

With this understanding and objective I have devoted my work of designing workshop and training programs once I could successfully applied these methods on self to attain a satisfied state of goodness in mind, body and intellect contributing to my general wellness with a PARADIGM SHIFT.

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