About the Book

Amazon #1 Best Seller “Awaken The Incredible Within” secures National Book Honour Award (Medallist Award) 2017.


“Emotional maturity is the key to manage & create mental states, empowering you to get into one of the most important mental state named motivation, which can be utilized to act ceaselessly till a desired outcome is reached.”

We all have huge reserves of mental resources within each one of us. But many of us are unable to tap our resources to become effectively powerful to give our dreams the real manifestation in our lives. In his individual self-quest, author asked the question to himself – Why? Why in spite of such a huge resource being available, not all are able to use it to their complete advantage? And on deeper reflection, he got the answer. And the author wished to contribute the fruit of his quest and personal research on human potential development over last two decades to all such men and women in a book form. To each one of those who want to take control of their lives by clarity in understanding how to go about success with fulfillment, how to identify and connect their huge mental resources to self-motivate themselves to act in a manner to get success in attaining meaningful awareness through an inspiring self-understanding, successful relationships, energetic career, fulfilled and balanced life day after day.

This book is one of the most detailed answer books and life manual one could look for in this quest for peak performance and transformational breakthrough to manage, nurture and grow one’s individual life experiences and all others in his or her life. The book is available at Oxford Bookstore in Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Bangalore, Delhi & Mumbai. It is also available online at amazon portal in India and internationally.

This book is written with author’s practical insights so that the readers can earn the benefit of leveraging from his insights and practices that have worked & helped him and thousands break free of counterproductive patterns, discover their true potential, and warm to life the parts of them that have been frozen away and dormant.

The book shows through its chapters, in a wholesome way, how to awaken your incredible self, rebuild your confidence, unlock your true & real potential, and take effective control of your emotional, mental and physical state. How to strike a balance with equanimity, and to reach a state of fulfillment in life, career & relationships. And the USP around this book is that the wisdom shared in the book is also available in a live workshop form currently in major metro cities in India.

“Take charge of your thoughts, (not other’s thoughts) and let them flow. Try not to succumb to the pulls of the instinctive lower mind. Lift your mind with your own mind. For your mind is the only heaven and your mind is the only hell.”