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To introduce myself with information of who I am, what I do and what qualification I hold to do what I do…….I am a NLP Trainer, Life & Behavioral Success Coach, Parenting Coach and a published Author by the nature of services I offer and little work that I have done at this juncture of my life as a learning & development professional. My latest book ‘Awaken The Incredible Within – Incredible Is the New Giant’ became Amazon #1 Best Seller in India within 14 hours of its release on Amazon.

My mission : Actualise Self !


I engage with people who are

1) ‘Seeker of Change in their Life’

2) ‘Seeker of Change in the World’

using the powerful & transformational tools available through Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have been trained and mentored by Ramesh R Prasad & I am blessed to be his Apprentice. With Ramesh, since beginning until today, the journey has been transformational and empowering. The core of NLP is modeling excellence and this enables me to learn and share from the best.

For information on NLP you may refer the link here – http://nlpwiki.org/wiki 

I feel humbly proud to recollect the day in Kolkata, India when I begun my NLP Journey with International NLP Trainer R Ramesh Prasad of Onefluencer providing the most inspirational NLP training & coaching course to my experience.

And fatefully my transformational (as I may rightfully label it today) journey did not stop with just a wonderful commencement. I almost run through all levels of training, from the Foundation, Practitioner, Master Practitioner to Trainer Training as a galloping horse & as a thirsty learner. I found each course unique which potentially offered an experiential learning at many levels and then it commenced with Sue Knight joining in to give me those remarkable learning experiences with her as the International NLP Trainer, Coach & Facilitator. This became a truly world class learning experience for me…

I have infinite gratitude for each one of my trainers, coaches and facilitators in this wonderful journey of learning experiences through being and becoming with a conscious sense of curiosity, unknowing & flexibility. I always consider my learning has just begun & I am work in progress!!!

For me, there is a sense of great fulfillment when I can commit my life to the perception that everything is an opportunity for lifelong learning anywhere and everywhere, with anything, anyone, everything and everyone.

The core values which I am endowed with today through miscellaneous experiences in life in India and abroad in over 2 decades of my earlier corporate life and most recent as learning & development professional have paramount influence in creating the trajectory I am travelling today. The further I travel, the more I am beating my own untraveled path with who I truly am.

“We are not born to be PERFECT but to be TRUE!”

I have strengths as I have weaknesses, I achieve success as I make mistakes and I become happy as I experience sadness; I learn and with every experience I get closer towards realizing my true self. This is my real self!


To answer, how qualified I am to do what I do is for you to discover through your experience with me. The qualification which I can sincerely claim to my humble favor is – I get deeply associated with every work I love to do. I consider, the most important attribute for any job is passion with purpose. Everything else can be adopted. What I do makes me come alive in my work.

I am somehow less convinced about credibility of paper certificates, as they always may not ensure our capabilities and validate our claims of knowing what we know. They rarely come in handy when life challenges us with changes. What supports is the wisdom gained through varied experiences and our intrinsic excellence, which educates us all along, stays with us for eternity, help us to evolve and empower us to fit in this growing world because Nature’s code of conduct reads “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”.

With warm regards, I thank you for choosing to connect with me.

Call me direct (+91 9051402135) if you choose to discuss your challenges in life, being career (stagnation, selection confusion or advancement or switch), relationships (behavioral changes, conflict resolution or any other) or anything specific to your needs which you want as an outcome.


Shantanu Das Sharma.

Second Perspective

Authorpreneur, Life strategist, Behavioral Success & Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Parenting Coach, NLP Trainer  – Shantanu Das Sharma is the founder and CEO of ‘NEUROMIND’, a company specializing in innovation in education by introducing heightened self-consciousness & individual awareness into personal & corporate education and perpetual learning. Neuromind is focused as an NLP Training & Human Potential Development Company implementing this new way of body learning through raised awareness living practices.

More about Shantanu

Born and raised in Kolkata, India, Shantanu moved to Colombo, Srilanka in 2002 to manage the business development for IT Distribution Co, Trident Corporation Pte Ltd (Thakral Group, Singapore) & then to Ingram Micro Lanka Pte Ltd and in 2006 to study at the ICFAI University, Colombo campus where he majored in Financial Management & Marketing Management. Subsequently in 2010, he moved to Singapore to head business development for Cyberstar Pte Ltd for South East Asia region. In Singapore, he discovered Toastmasters International, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing professional speakers & young leaders into becoming global leaders who want to make a difference in society through their communication skills development and leadership development tracks, and eventually became the President of YMCA Toastmasters Club, Singapore for the term 2012-13.

Shantanu has a corporate career experience in top management roles for well over two decades in India, Srilanka & Singapore. The ‘Heart of a Toastmaster’, published by Sparkle Presentations, Inc. USA which was first released during Toastmasters Annual Convention in August 2013 at Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A, wherein he was one of the top 39 Toastmasters worldwide whose true life stories as Toastmasters were published in this unique book as a contributing co-author.

During his vibrant 26+ years of Corporate, IT, Biz Management & Development, Individual Consulting & Coaching career in India and abroad, he traveled to Malaysia, Hongkong, Maldives, Thailand and U.K. From his experiential learning during these years, he has applied best of the insights to attain his goal towards total behavioral success for himself and his clients in career, business, relationship s & rapport building in every context of his career and life.

In October 2012 he moved back to India. He turned to meditation and NLP, and studied The Silva Method, a popular mindfulness program developed by Jose Silva and did his NLP certification program. He followed the NLP program Inspired with the impact of NLP and his personal research in the self development arena and human behavioral science. He had already begun coaching individual clients through one to one coaching exercises from the time when he was resident in Singapore. After returning to India, he started working on himself extensively. To deal with the stress at the workplace and in personal life within the personal development & relationship realm based on the challenges faced by him and his clients, he made up his mind to equip himself & to all those affected at large. He designed his signature program – Awaken the Incredible Within. His target focus was all those with serious coping needs in their life and career to succeed with such challenges that he also faced experientially. His sole target was then to empower people to etch a life with a sense of equanimity and to attain success with fulfillment. While designing the program, and as to what it can do to its participants, it gave him the inspiration and motivation to make the program available to public and corporate at large. He wanted to reach larger audience in a shortest possible time frame. This is when he met the CEO of Adhyyan Publication, New Delhi and concept for the book ‘Awaken the Incredible – Incredible Is the New Giant’ was born to meet his objective of reaching wider audience within a shorter time frame.

John Grinder, Co-creator of NLP Says 

“Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) represents a significant advance in the development of human choice. It places at the discretion of the skilled and balanced practitioner options for living with quality which were previously assigned variously to fate, chance, genetics, accidents and divine influence. It is important to me to explicate at least partially what I intend by the descriptive phrase, skilled and balanced. 

The skill issue points to the requirement in the mastery of any interesting human skill set for a commitment to practice, the personal discipline on the part of the would-be NLP practitioner to arrange his or her own context for exploring, learning and ultimately mastering of the actual body of patterning called NLP. Success at this task identifies a learner, and the result a technician.

The balanced issue refers to two requirements, first, the learner’s ability to integrate the skill set (mastered by the technician) into each and every area of their life, personal as well as professional. Secondly, once this integration of the technical skill set has occurred, the individual is faced with the awesome responsibility of exercising these choices with some wisdom. At this point, the caterpillar bursts the confinement of the cocoon, the technician transforms herself/himself into an artist.

All the above is a somewhat circuitous way of cautioning the would-be NLP practitioner. The world at the moment seems rather overflowing with people purporting to offer training in NLP. It is here in selecting a mentor that you, the reader,
may begin to exercise one of the most crucial abilities associated with artistry in the practice of NLP—namely, that of assessing the congruency of the purported trainer. If your intuitions caution you, if you detect a discrepancy between the verbal presentation of such a person and their actual behavior and performance, keep moving and looking for an appropriate model.”


It is about time to reclaim the glory of ancient India for every Indian. Present generation must be made aware that the rich spiritual and cultural legacy is the heritage of this wonderful country. It is every Indian’s mission to leverage on this infinite inner reserves and our ability to easily get empowered by our within.

We are endowed with human birth as a responsible Indian Global Citizen to spread our wisdom of excellence beyond transnational borders to unite & harmonize the world, to provide means and ways to live through an inner transformation – a breakthrough from our self-perceived limitations. Not choosing to be the obstacles for our growth – we can truly transform ourselves to be the regenerative natural catalyst for our potential growth.For this feat we must accept the respective accountability. The ‘why’s are well understood to be creating more confusions in human minds. The ‘how’s are to be hacked out, understood and taught.

And this is my mission at Neuromind Leadership Academy through my books, signature workshops, lifestyle (individual) coaching, NLP Training programs and awareness seminars for the targeted segment (Conscious Parenting & Awaken The Incredible Within workshop) to empower people to prevent undeserving disruptions and nurture their transformation & individual personal breakthroughs for the deserving.

I have returned to India with this mission. Let there be glory for India.

Will you join me and my movement.

Very Sincerely Yours.

Shantanu Das Sharma


Neuromind’s mission is to enable individuals in society, academic journeys & corporate worlds to enable them to identify and acknowledge their own self-identify, self-worth and the wealth of infinite resources that are hidden below their apparent fume of ego cloud, falsely imposed self-concept, limiting beliefs and self imposed constraints through NLP and personalized life(style) coaching, theme based signature workshops, seminars, strategic interventions, and social interactions (awareness building seminars).

Realizing that there is great potential & scope for personal development through learning of Neuro Linguistic Program in the world of behavioral science for accelerating human potential development, I launched Neuromind Leadership Academy  which is formally Incorporated on the 1st day of October 2016 (Certificate of Enlistment Number: 0046 0710 2905).

Today based on my learning experiences in my journey as a NLP Trainer & Coach, I am very happy to share that my mission is having direct impact on individual lives in making their life consciously meaningful, purposeful and resourceful with sensible clarity in mind and their new way of thinking. And that I my sense of self is constantly experiencing growth and contribution to self and others through my current vocation.