Awaken the Incredible Within

“Feel & enjoy your freedom to live life on your terms.”

Hello – this is my call to you to awaken the incredible within you with me!!!

Awaken the Incredible Within is a live event with me which is specially designed to help you release the inner forces that can help you break through any conceivable limit and build the quality of life you desire on your own terms. You will learn how you can grow beyond your own limitations to achieve your goals, outcomes & take conscious control of your life. No matter where you are starting from, you can choose to build a life that’s truly extraordinary.

I offer the advanced version of this program in personalized individual coaching sessions on weekly basis comprising 52 weeks (physical meeting or over whatsapp call). You can contact me for details on this or book for a free introductory session with pre-appointment.

In this event you won’t only re-discover who you really are – you will decide and create your personal life-changing experience. You will get connected to your ultimate purpose and kindle your passion to achieve the ultimate vision of your career, relationships and life. You will achieve a clarity and deeper understanding of what rightfully motivates you, your thoughts, your feelings and behaviors and build toward your personal breakthrough. In brief, this is an opportunity for you to learn to reprogram your mind and design your destiny. The program ‘Awaken the Incredible Within’ is a self-development workshop around my latest Amazon #1 Best Seller book title.

‘Awaken the Incredible Within’ seminar is based on my 26+ years of experiential learning’s and success in corporate business & development and all that I learned in the premises of NLP. This workshop successfully shows you how to play a leadership role in your life using insights and tools. It shows you how to free yourself from the dis-empowering old patterns and fears that are keeping you from experiencing your full potential and achieving your higher goals. It’s in harmony with the concept of exercising our uniquely human ability of free will to choose actions that distinguish us from the animals and our lower brains. You can make this program work for you without having to change your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Mastering Incredible Mind 

Designing Incredible Destiny 

This program give you the practical insights & real time experiential skills you need to connect to something superior to the ego. This something is often referred to as self, subconscious mind, universe, a higher power, the genius, soul or spirit and act from a space of higher intelligence.


Shantanu Das Sharma