Conscious Parenting – How to Awaken the Genius in your Child



Acquire the POWER to shape your child’s SUCCESS

How to raise yourself before you raise your children?

If in case you are a parent who started to think your child is living in a different space, or even in another Planet, you are not alone.

If in case you are helplessly wondering what happened to the obedient and talkative 12-year old who now replies in monosyllables but spends hours muttering. giggling into his / her handphone in some unintelligible language…..well, you are not alone too!

This is not a generalization but experiential and evidential reality that MANY parents of pre-teen and teenage children are frustrated because they do not seem to be able to get through to this silent, sometimes even sullen, ‘stranger’ in the home. Worse still, the child who seemed to be good in his / her studies has suddenly lost interest and his / her grades are fast slipping and he/she doesn’t seem to care!

Or you know he/she has a lot of potentials – you get glimpses of it but somehow he/she lacks the focus, the drive…

And, you the parent, know how important it is for children to be motivated to their studies to succeed in life; to succeed and find purpose and fulfillment in whatever field they choose to go into. You want so much to help them, to advise them and to be part of their lives….but suddenly you feel shut out.

How do you communicate with and inspire our children, many parents have asked me? These parents (especially parents of teenage children) tell me that they feel clueless about what is going on in their child’s mind and cannot understand why their children can spend hours playing computer games….

Tapping memories and experiences of our own teenage years and how our parents related to us does not seem relevant or applicable to how we can relate to the teens of today’s frenetic world. Parents in their 40s in particular, remember being obedient, hard working and always polite to their elders.

Well, the good news is that parenting does not have to be an endless uphill battle with our pre-teen and teenage children. With the RIGHT approach and COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES, you will be amazed to find that there is a way for parent and child to enjoy each other’s company and to cooperate for mutual benefit and success. Children can be extremely appreciative and caring when they FEEL loved and are given due respect and the chance to show their gratitude.

Now, you must be scratching your head and wondering how I can be talking about respecting a child (surely respect is for their elders) and giving him/her a chance to show his / her gratitude when he/she barely says thank you for all the things you have done for him and while they appear to be taking everything for granted in present day contexts. Bear with me.

You can learn everything that is appropriate and relevant that as parents you MUST be aware of achieving a breakthrough in the quality of your relationship with your growing children in my ‘Conscious Parenting’ Workshop designed with requisite parenting insights and NLP principles and techniques.

If you are truly wishful to be empowered as effective parents, this workshop is for you.

In this ‘Conscious Parenting Workshop’, you will learn:
– How to Unlock your Child’s Learning Genius
– How Any Child Can Become an ‘A’ Student 
– The 7 Beliefs and Habits of Highly Effective Parents
– How to Build Rapport and Influence Your Child’s Mindset 

– The No 1 Tip to Empower Your Child With The Winner’s Mindset to Succeed
– Nurture a High Level of Self-Esteem & Confidence 
– How to Get Kids to Listen and Cooperate Willingly 
– 5 Secrets of Building Self-Motivation in Your Teen
– Win-Win Discipline Techniques

Dear Parents, I look forward to meeting you  in the workshop in your city to empower you to empower your kids….


Shantanu Das Sharma