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“Touch the soul of a being by the depth of your perceptive creation.”

We know that you are so much more extraordinary than you were made to believe. Go beyond just having a good career – lead a life that is extraordinary in all dimensions of being human, and beyond. Engage and learn with us.

What are Mantras?

Mantras – which can also be referred to as hymns, affirmations or chants – are a collection of words, or sometimes a single word, that hold psychological and spiritual weight. Words have incredible power.

Our thoughts are often words that are not spoken out loud, yet they influence our lives completely. We are all familiar with this reality. We tell ourselves that the presentation we are dreading at work is going to be disastrous, build up the negative anticipation in our minds, and then beat ourselves up when our thoughts manifest and things don’t turn out well.

Mantras can help rewire this sort of thinking by replacing the negative affirmations with positive ones. As in the example above, imagine what the result would be if instead of fearing the day ahead, you looked in the mirror and proclaimed “I am focused. I exude confidence and positive energy!”

Even if anxiety started creeping up again later, you could simply breathe and repeat your mantra as many times as you like or need. The manifestation of these positive ‘thoughts’ – said out loud – is extremely powerful!

Enjoy your being and becoming – and hence LIVING !


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