NLP Foundation Programme

“There is nothing else in the world of human development and learning as powerful as NLP. Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Visualization, and various other new concepts in human resource development are mere derivatives of the NLP process.” 

– Sue Knight, NLP At Work 

Hello and Welcome !

I congratulate you personally for visiting this page. It shows beyond reasonable doubt that you are successful to have rightfully discovered NLP as the success route for your true being & becoming. And that you are favorably willing to find applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as the cause for your self-transformation and personal growth. And I am so happy to invite you as you are at the most appropriate place to take your journey forward.

NLP Foundation Programme

I facilitate & conduct NLP Training Programme in collaboration with

Curious to experience what NLP is and how you can benefit from it? That’s precisely the reason for this two-day workshop where I will take you on a wonderful journey to explore Neuro-Linguistic Programme.

Some, call this 2 days event a Diploma programme as well. The core of NLP is modelling the excellence of top performers as well as explaining how different people organize their thinking, feeling, language and behavior to produce the results they do. Exploring and Experiencing NLP helps you understand yourself, change habits and behaviors that hold you back and develop behaviors that support success. Neuro Linguistic Programming is about achieving your dreams and desires – it is about enjoying a better life today. With NLP you will discover that your past does not determine your future, you can have the life you want today. Your life is not shaped by events, but how you interpret them.

Reasonable men adapt themselves to the world, unreasonable men attempt to adapt the world to themselves.
That’s why all progress depends on unreasonable men.

– George Bernard Shaw

This workshop introduces and creates some powerful experiences to lead a life in which we realize our true potential and discover the excellence that lies within us. The programme is interactive, experiential and flexible to allow you to achieve the goals that are important to you personally. You can expect to learn skills and thinking that will enhance the way you manage yourself as well as others, the way you communicate, influence, negotiate and manage change. For most of you, it could also be a stepping stone to the next learning of NLP and beyond.


During this program, you will learn to:

  • Become aware of the language you use while communicating with yourself & with others.
  • Understand the difference in communication at the conscious level & subconscious level.
  • Creatively manage change.
  • Develop the ability to perform at your best, to tap your true potential, and become a powerful communicator.
  • Hold a better understanding of how you as well as other’s think & process information in your/their mind.
  • Understand situations from different points of view and be able to take effective, balanced decisions to gain the co-operation and commitment of everyone involved.
  • Understand why people do what they do & learn to respect them for what they are.
  • Recognize the impact of your own and others body language.
  • How to gain rapport easily with different types of people.
  • Become influenced to produce long-term changes that are not necessarily solutions or answers.
  • Learning to adopt some of new thought patterns, new thinking strategies, some of the new beliefs and which would undoubtedly be more effective in your work/life.
  • Set compelling outcomes for yourself that will maximize the way you achieve the results you really want for your personal development and your business.


You will also master how: 

  • To comprehend proven way to create goals that actually comes into reality.
  • To understand the biggest mistakes almost everyone makes when they set their goals (to realize dreams faster and easier than ever before).
  • To know the simple (but essential) step you must take to avoid failures in goal setting and to instantly propel you forward in your life.
  • To understand the first step to eliminate all pain and negativity from the past and feeling free and open by every passing day.
  • To learn how to discover your true life’s purpose in all areas of my financial, relational, physical and emotional life.
  • To know how to instantly understand the hidden drivers that stop you from achieving the joy and success you desire in your heart.
  • To learn how to ensure your changes stick well into your life and how to be truly unstoppable.
  • To realize how one simple question uncovers and clarifies what is most important in my life.
  • To comprehend external issues that is actually reflections of internal issues and how to clarify insights into your mind for wealth on every level.
  • To know the most important or top 3 keys you must know before changes can last.
  • To make change happen in an instant.
  • To comprehend what are the methodology to make breakthroughs which will help you to discover the core purpose of your life.

This certification programme is authorized by Sue Knight and approved by ANLP International UK. So come along, join us to experience a learning that is truly world class.



Shantanu Das Sharma