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“In the turmoil and storm of conducting your life with a deep sense of dutifulness, you may have forgotten something very special to yourself. And it is to give yourself enough space to reflect, ponder, wonder, fondle, nurture, unwind and collapse to a state of doing NOTHING (some call this unwinding, some term it mindful resting) to revitalize & harmonize your mind, body and spirit.”

This single step can allow YOU to STEP INTO YOUR CALLING!

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Get Up – Give Up – Grow Up

3G Up With Your Excellence

Your personal limitations are opportunities that when overcome brings out the true individual genius in you. Are you ready to bring about an innate shift in your unconscious patterns of thinking that produces extraordinary consequences over time?

If yes, you will shift because today you can. The technology for installing excellence is just here. Join your evolution process with NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching (Certification Program).

The 3G Up Commitment with NLP Plus

Once in every 10 years, there are observable changes and predominantly for many those are moments when they scale up to the next step in their lives. At such rate, you may get 6 significant leaps (at max) in your entire lifespan. However it is never enough to build a legacy or to perform with significantly meaningful contributions at this rate.

Shantanu cannot just give you an instant breakthrough and release from years of psychological & emotional baggage, but he can also assist you to scale up to the next levels much faster than you have ever imagined.

Top Performers who come to Shantanu follow a basic rule. Scale Rapidly. Consequences Follow.

Many lose time chasing results. And that leads to stifles, obstacles, resistance from competitions and most importantly energy loss through undue avoidable seepage. However instead they can apply their entire energy to build value not only for themselves, but also for their family and all of their beneficiaries & stakeholders in the world.

Shantanu makes results of his strategic interventions come vibrantly alive that allows you to RAPIDLY evolve making life fun, contended, ecstatic and yet materialistically fulfilling with abundance.

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 The NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching facilitates you to achieve being a congruent individual consciously connecting to your inner resources and gifts which in turn are aligned to your values, identity and purpose.

 Are You A Driven Individual Looking For Any Of The Following ?

Career Success
Clearing your Clutter
Getting Unstuck
Having a Vision
Discovering Your Congruent Values
Achieving Your Goals / Ambitions
Taking your business to the next level
Managing your professional and personal life

Then, you are just at the most appropriate & essential place where NLP+ Lifestyle training will help you maximize to your fullest potential. Will you let your life left to chance? Or take a firm step towards your best version? Choice is just here.

Why NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching?

NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching effectively accomplish Excellence Installations.

Mediocrity is when you choose based on what you can.

Excellence is when you choose based on what you want.

Excellence adjustments & installations are successful when you can do what you want on demand. And this is exactly what this training does for YOU.

What should be the period for NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching?

It is unique to each client. A client can choose to book a single session for minimal excellence adjustments which can remove the speed brakers in the current patterns. For who are driven and wishes to scale up to their best versions may choose to scale up through the 4 levels depending on their individual purpose and what they wish to accomplish in their life. In the first consultation clients are provided with a blue print of their journey to choose which they can in steps or otherwise.

The levels are:
NLP+ Lifestyle Practitioner Certification program for 30 hours in 10 weeks.
NLP+ Lifestyle Master Practitioner Certification program for 60 hours in 20 weeks.
NLP+ Lifestyle Trainer Certification program for 90 hours in 30 weeks.
NLP+ Lifestyle Master Trainer Certification program for 90 hours in 30 weeks.

How does Shantanu Das Sharma’s NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching work?

Begin with a free One hour Query Session. During this session you may choose to clear all your doubts and queries as appropriate. You may also share your current challenges and Shantanu will advise you with your engagement requirement based on your need and wants. This is only of it’s kind in Asia for one to one NLP intensive & customized training program at particiapant’s pace or availability. The programs are always updated and tailored for the individuals. And we take pride in such individual attention and effective change works with each participant.

For Those Who Want To Grow Your Legacy
The single most way you can reach your legacy is that you got to invest time & energy in becoming great learners so that you can become extra-ordinary in what you do or how you do it and at the same time build an ecosystem of people who can support and relate to you and your values. NLP+ Lifestyle training & coaching bends time for you to make you grow to your legacy congruent to your elicited values.

How to get started with Shantanu Das Sharma’s NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching?

To commence living your life at the next level, schedule the query or strategy session today. In your query session you may choose to get any of your queries cleared before you may choose to engage. During your query session, your coach Shantanu will assist you to choose if you may just need a single session to perform certain excellence adjustments related to removal of any your current challenges or creating an action plan that will enable you to achieve truly extraordinary results taking you to your best version with extensive excellence installations to chisel you to your elicited values, goal and purpose of life.

Looking forward to discuss with you what is your current and desired state. And most importantly, how my NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching can help you to move from your current state (whichever it is) to your desired state in an assured way that works for YOU!


Shantanu Das Sharma

NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching changes your behavior seamlessly. And the change becomes visible.